Friday, August 22, 2008

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Mark Mills, anchor: And if you’ve been out looking for work there are a lot of ways you can go. A lot of folks are using the internet these days. But the question is how effective is the internet in finding a job? There seems to be a lot of stuff out there, but can you actually get a job that way? And we’re gonna talk about that now with Trent Perry……Trent welcome to the program.

Trent Perry: How are you Mike?

Mills: Thanks for joining us. Tell us what some of the findings were about the use of the internet among job-seekers.

Mr. Perry: The findings basically reinforce some of the things that we’ve been working with as a organization for decades. It was surprising to some extent that so few people are being effective in their job search using the internet resources. We found that only about four percent of all the people that made job changes in the last five years actually found their jobs from a internet job site like, which is a very low percentage when you compare it to all the numbers of people that are using it right now.

Mills: With so many jobs listed on-line and so many people looking, why do you think there are so few marriages consummated?

Mr. Perry: Well, I think it’s the fact that many of the best jobs are simply not advertised through traditional mediums. Whether it is newspapers or internet job sites and so forth. And it has always been the case that most of the best jobs are opportunities that are uncovered through networking and various typ0es of pro-active approaches of getting out there and putting together a good resume, and introducing that resume through a networking process that’s gonna effectively uncover a lot of those jobs that were not advertised.

Mills: Any sense of whether there were more people making the internet connection during the internet boom when we had so many companies competing for workers that I might have been easier using the internet now when employers can be a little more selective that they might not be as reliant on the web?

Mr. Perry: I think there’s something to that. I understand that the net increases in people being on the internet for job hunting purposes has increased exponentially in the last five years. And so probably five years ago there were far fewer people engaged in looking for opportunities using the technology than today. The numbers are just growing by the millions. And I think that probably has had an effect on it.

Mills: We’re talking about finding jobs on the internet and Trent Perry is our guest….,they are in Atlanta and this is a career management firm. So are you folds Trent, helping people find work or what role do you play in the employment process?
Mr. Perry: Yes we do. …..Our organization is involved in working with individuals, mid-level and senior-level professionals and managerials to identify their skills, develop a career direction, package them in a strong resume presentation, and develop pro-active networking strategies to help them be successful in making career changes.

Mills: What are you seeing right now in terms of inflow of business to your company? There must be lot of people out of work and looking who would want to get a good strong team helping them find a new job. Is that showing up in more traffic at your place?

Mr. Perry: We’ve been busy, we’re a growing organization …. And we’re working with a lot of people and especially out of the technology sectors. And we’re also finding a lot of opportunities for mid- and senior- level professional managerials, people in the smaller business sector, which has created far more jobs than the larger companies have in the last decade.

Mills: We hear this recovery being described as a jobless recovery and we’ve seen the net number of jobs drop in the lst few reporting periods. Are there some jobs out there? Are people finding work?

Mr. Perry: Yes indeed Mark they are. What we seeing a lot of is a restructuring of a lot of large corporations across various industries and a lot of consolidations and globalizations of our economy, and a lot of job loss due to technology and innovation in companies today. And so there has been a net loss in some of the larger corporations. But there is still job growth in smaller growth companies, people just have to be resourceful to look at some of the smaller companies as opposed to going at some of the large companies that we know are down-sizing.

Mills: And just in the last minute or so Trent, what about people in their 50s, is that a particularly hard group to place in jobs these days because of being laid off?

Mr. Perry: Well, it has been challenging. But if you take a look at their background across the different skill sets that they’ve had, and some of the industry experience that they’ve had, and you get a good grasp at what skills they have,. You can re-direct some of those skills, perhaps away from those larger corporations into some of the smaller growth business or the growth industries, and you help them with communicating those skill outside of the industry that they’ve been a part of, we’ve been very successful with this group.

Mills: Alright Trent Perry thank you for being with us….

Mr. Perry: Thank you Mark.
Mills: Trent Perry….in the area of job placement.

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