Friday, August 22, 2008

CTP Enterprises

CTP Enterprises was established in Atlanta in 1986 by C. Trent Perry to assist mid and senior level individuals who are in management, professional, and technical careers effect career changes and promote job growth.Over the last 20+ years, CTP Enterprises has stood out in Atlanta as the leader in career management services. We have one office in Atlanta and are specialized in the Atlanta and Georgia job market. Each person we work with is important to us and we work as a highly specialized team to promote your success. You are not just a number to us like large nationwide or regional organizations may view you. Our staff is very experienced with the Atlanta job market. We have a team of five consultants that are involved in designing career transition strategies and coaching you for your success. Together they have 185 years of business experience and of that nearly 70 years of their experience has been involved in coaching individuals involved in career changes right here in Atlanta.C. Trent Perry (the owner) has over 27 years of experience developing and managing career transition programs. He is recognized as an authority on the job market and on designing and implementing successful career change strategies for individuals and with employers who are downsizing. He has been interviewed by CNN, CNBC, CBS, and ABC national and local affiliates and a variety of newspapers and other print media on a wide range of career management topics.Trent takes a personal interest in and is involved directly with each client’s career transition strategy. He is a hands on owner and takes your success as his mandate.

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